Tuesday, September 20, 2011

One Tuesday Night

So today was the second day for homecoming.  Which equals free Aggie Blue Mint ice-cream.  The best!  I am so glad that I didn't have a class/work at noon so I could get some.  Free food is basically awesome.

After ice-cream and lunch it was back to work at the Quinney.  I am in charge of the entire collection of journals the library has.  Some of the journals are now online, so we recycle the physical copies.  The the new journals are put into the collection... meanwhile I make sure that the journals that are physical on the shovels match those recorded in the database.

And sometimes work explodes all over my desk. Haha.  Love it!

During work JDahl (Jordan) and I decided we had the munchies.  That equaled pizza.  Yep... definitely one of the best choices of the night.

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