Sunday, September 18, 2011

Oh Saturday Nights

I slept in Saturday and boy oh boy did it feel good!  I spent most of the day reading and attempting homework. That is until Jen and I decided we should do a craft project. Which resulted in creating a travel board. 

We started out with a world map, cut it up, mounted it, stuck it on a form board, decorated, then marked everywhere I have ever been with small silver stars.  I kinda love it.  It's exciting.

The start...
Somewhere in the middle...
Stickers and scrapbooking things!
Final Project! (The stickers are hard to make out but they are there. Except
Africa and South America... haven't been there yet!)

On the down side I have the travel bug again.  How about Africa? Haha.  No worries, as much as I want to travel overseas right now I don't have the money.  Plus it would be nice to graduate before summer starts.  But I'll never rule traveling out.  I love it too much!

And I shouldn't forget the pizza and movie North to Alaska that finished off the night!

Church today was great and school this week should be busy busy cause it's homecoming!  Watch out for more blog posts coming later in the week.  (That is if I'm not swamped with homework!)

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