Monday, September 5, 2011

Arizona & Fun Times!

 Most people probably spent the long weekend watching movies, hunting, or what have you.  But I went to Arizona instead!  My grandma is in the process of moving from her house in Arizona to Oregon and I wanted to come see her before she moved.

I arrived late on Friday night after my friend Jen drove me to the airport. (Which I am so thankful for because I didn't have to drive, pay for parking, or worry about traffic!)

It was so great to see my grandma and I had a wonderful time!  On Saturday mom and I drove down to Tubac, which is a little touristy town, to look around.  It was fun i was able to buy some neat little treasures.  Then on Saturday mom, grandma, and I all went out to the Desert Diamond Casino.  At first it wasn't much fun.. then I found my favorite machine!  It loved me.  And payed off over a hundred dollars.  I was really excited!  It was fun to do something with my grandma that she enjoys and I had a good night!
They have the coolest collection of desert art at Tubac!
Like this horse statue that's huge!!

Mom posing next to a cactus. 

Yep... we had to go through border control. And guess what?
They let me back in! Haha

Flowers outside Grandma's house. Although I forgot what
she called them - but they are gorgeous!

Gotta love barrel cactus!

Mom and I in the backyard.

Another neat metal statue in front of the zoo!

On Sunday we slept in, relaxed, and then went out to lunch at a family restaurant in Green Valley.  Of course I skipped over the lunch menu and ordered some delicious french toast and bacon!  Who says you can't eat breakfast for every meal?

After lunch (or in my case second breakfast) we went out to the other Desert Diamond Casino near the airport.  Mom and I decided to go to the Tucson Zoo after we dropped grandma off even though it was over a hundred degrees!  But it was SO worth it!

I got to feed to giraffes! See zebras, birds, elephants, a jaguar, a rhino, a llama and several other animals.  It was so cool to see them!

Heck yes! That was awesome... and look at his tongue!

I believe this is Elenor

Texas... or maybe this was Denver. 

Rhino behind!

Once mom and I were done at the Zoo we went back to the casino.  I didn't like this casino as much.  I lost and only made $10.05.  Haha.  It was still fun though!  Then we went out to pizza hut and enjoy personal pan pizzas and some breadsticks.

I had to head back to Utah today because I need to get ready for school tomorrow.  (Hopefully all my homework is done!  If not that's way I'll be doing after my I finish writing this blog post.)

Hope everybody else had an amazing long weekend!

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