Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I am a professional packer (if I do say so myself).  I can throw a double diamond (with a little luck and a short mule). I can pack a group of 12 people without loads of stress and I'm good at my job. Or I would like to think so at least.

What I can't seem to pack is my room.  Ugh.  Not looking forward to packing everything up and trying to fit it all into the back of my truck.  I'm a pack rat.  I fully admit it.  But I lived in Australia out of two suitcases so I figure I should be able to pack lighter this trip to Logan. While I love living by myself it has some downfalls.  Like the fact you can't rely on a roommate to bring some kitchen applinces.  Or bathroom supplies. Or decor.  I have to bring it all.  Luckily this is my senior year so hopefully it's the last time I will drag everything down to Logan.

Anyways - I am going to help on a pack trip tomorrow then leave Thursday. Which means I need to have everything together today. And I haven't even started yet.  Less time... less things I can pack? Right?

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