Saturday, July 30, 2011

Busy with Horse Camp

Let's see. Where do I start?  I fail at posting on my blog during the summer. But I am just so busy with horse camp! This week was a little crazy and hectic, but we did some amazing riding!  I discovered some new loops to ride (some of which are 7-8 hours on horseback) and at one point during the week we climbed to 7000feet.  It was so beautiful!  I had a 360 degree view and could see everything.  It was awesome!

WindDancer certainty got his workout, which is good because he is finally losing all that belly fat and beginning to tone up really nicely. What a handsome boy!  (Except when he rolls in the dirt... but even then he is super cute still!)

Speaking of handsome... While in Australia I was really missing my horses so I did what any other logical person would do.  I bought new custom tack!  Actually I ordered it several months ago and it just got here this week so I was able to try it out.  The theme is purple and green... and I love it!

I got some cute pictures on my phone of Cracker modeling the tack - but these are pictures of Lance. Unfortunately, when I started to tack him up it got dark and started to rain so the pictures don't do the tack justice. I'll be sure to post more later.

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