Sunday, June 5, 2011


On the road again... this time to Cairns! It is so beautiful up here - I love it!  And it's warm so that is an added bonus!

Today we drove from MacKay to Cairns, which is about a nine hour drive.  I was amazed as the landscape changed from sugar cane fields to cattle savannas, and open forest to rainforest. Most of the nine hour drive was dominated by sugar cane fields. Miles and miles of sugar cane plantations.

In one of the towns we drove through we saw some of the damage that the January cyclone had done. Houses didn't have roofs, trees were snapped like twigs, and the damage was still very present; even in June.

Tonight we are staying at Zimzala Bed and Breakfast on Holloways Beach about 12kms north of Cairns.  I've never been to a bed and breakfast before so it's really a neat experience! After we got our rooms and a tour of the house, we walked down to a little pizza and pasta joint in town.  The food was great and it was neat to see the beach at the sun went down.

Hopefully I will have internet the next few days so I can keep updating my blog!  Tomorrow and the next day we are staying at FitzRoy Island so I am really excited!

Keep you all posted!

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