Sunday, June 5, 2011

Road Trip!

I'm going to run out of internet shortly, but I thought everyone might like to see a blog post of our adventures so far! The first day mom and dad got here we drove from Lismore to Byron Bay.  Dad took a nap while mom and I watched the sunset on the beach.

Mom found a cool rock on the beach!

Me enjoying Byron!

Beautiful sunset and awesome surfers!

I am sure that mom and dad enjoyed attempting to drive on the wrong side of the road.  To me it's just funny because I am used to it.  We enjoyed a pizza from a local shop in Byron and all went to bed. I wasn't super tired, but kind of sad because I had to leave all of my awesome friends at Southern Cross.  My semester abroad was amazing to say the least!

The second day we drove for about five hours up the coast into Queensland then up to Hervey Bay.  We then took a ferry across to Fraser Island.  It was so neat to stay at the King Fisher Resort.  It was unlike anything else I have ever seen. The resort was just outstanding.  And the food was great - but so spendy! (I enjoyed lamb for the first time and decided I really liked it!)

Inside the main lobby

Pool Side

The morning after we checked in mom and I went exploring on the main beach of Fraser. And I saw dingo tracks!!  So neat!

I was really sad that we didn't get to stay at Fraser longer, but I am excited that we get to continue our journey.  Today we drove for about 8 hours (!) or more (!).  It was long, but there were some really funny signs on the road (i.e. blue government made road signs).  Like "Are we there yet?"  or  "How long till we get there dad?"  There are even a series of government signs that have trivial pursuit questions on them. I thought you would enjoy them Heidi!  

Here's one for you to try:
Q: What is the state flower of Queensland?

Sunset on the drive today
A: Cooktown Orchid.

I wish I could write more but we have to pay a lot for internet so I can't be on/write for that long.  But look for more posts later on!

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