Saturday, May 7, 2011

The World in Colour

I was hoping to find something in town today that represented Lismore.  Like a T-shirt. Or coffee mug. But alas, I found nothing except a cheesy children's t-shirt.  It was still fun to walk around Lismore and see town again.  I got lunch at maccas though (that's what Aussie's call McDonalds). French fries, cheeseburger, and a chocolate sundae? Yes please!  I forgot to take any pictures so you'll have to forgive me!  I'll be sure to find something interesting this week to show you!

While I was studying today I took a break and was surfing the web.  I found this really neat site that shows the early 1900s around the world in colour.  A man by the name of Albert Kahn went around the world collecting a photographic record of the world's people.  It was in 1907 that black and white photos came to life through a revolutionary process called Autochrome.  You can read more about it at this site: Early 1900s in Colour

Check out some of my favorite photos from the collection.




Be sure to check out the article 1900s in Colour to see the rest of the photographs. It's amazing how the world changes over time!

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