Saturday, May 28, 2011

Done (w/photo edits)

As of today, I am officially done with my schooling at Southern Cross University.  By next Thursday my mom and dad will be in Australia and we will be off on a grand adventure before returning to the states!

Last night we got a new roommate to replace Nicole since she left.  It's an Asian guy.  Not sure how I feel about living with a guy.  He seems nice enough though.  Besides, when you think about it I only have five days left at Orion College - so it will be fine. Except I hate the smell of seafood and rice!

So, I was fairly bored last night and spent all night playing with photoshop and editing some photos. You might as well have a look.

P.S. You should let me know what you think in the comments below.   :)


  1. I LOVE THESE! They're beautiful! Also, congrats on finishing your semester! :)

  2. These are all beautiful! You are so talented!!!!!!!!