Friday, May 20, 2011

A Day of Exploring

This morning I woke up and headed into Sydney with Cate.  I had a delicious cinnamon swirl at Gloria Jean's coffee shop then went off to explore the city on my own (since Cate & her roommate Tamara had to work).  To say that today was a adventure is an understand.  Because it was an awesome epic adventure!

I didn't realize that Sydney would be this much fun, especially since I was exploring it on my own.  I started off by catching the train in Burwood, where Cate's work is, to Town Hall.  Sydney town hall is a beautiful historic building and it was a neat first site to see. I also saw the Queen Victoria Building (QVB) which was designed by George McRae and completed in 1898. It's a rather posh and upscale mall.  I couldn't afford anything in the mall - but it was really cool to walk through.

After seeing town hall and QVB I walked up and down George Street then Pitt Street. I saw Center Point Tower - which is the highest building Sydney.  I didn't go to the top because it was expensive, but it still makes for a cool picture.

 After walking around for a while more I found an Apple store.  Oh Apple. You are amazing. And I had far too much fun playing on new iPhones, iPad2s, and fancy Mac Book Pros. It was good too though because I was able to download a map of Sydney and figure out where I was going.  After that it was time to find my way to the Opera House.

The Sydney Opera House was AMAZING!  I didn't think it was going to be as neat as it was.  The Opera House is so unique and it is a grand architectural feat. I walked around the outside snapping pictures of the Opera House and got some great self pictures. If I do say so myself.  :)

I ended up spending a lot of money of the Opera House, but that is because I decided to pay and take a tour of the inside.  Our tour group was really lucky because we got to see the Sydney Symphony at the end of their rehearsal, then we saw the Sydney Ballet Company do a short number.  It was amazing! I would love to play in the Opera House just once in my life. The acoustics in the room were unreal. You could hear a needle drop on the stage.  Even though it was expensive it was so worth it!

Plus I also learned that the outside of the Opera House is covered completely in tiles (like kitchen tiles).  Could you imagine trying to tile the roof of the Opera House?! It would take forever!

Once I was done at the Opera House I walked around to Circular Quay. Circular Quay is the hub of Sydney Harbour, situated at a small inlet called Sydney Cove, the founding site for Sydney and Australia. It was cool to see and I took the opportunity to grab some chips while I was there. (Chips being french fries.)  

I decided that after lunch it would be cool to take the ferry over to Manly Beach.  I loved the ride over to Manly and got to see an outstanding view of the Opera House and Harbor Bridge.

On the ride over I sat next to two older guys.  Turns out that they are from Seattle (Washington) and know where La Grande is. Haha. What are the chances that while in Australia, on a ferry to Manly Beach, I run into two guys who know where I live!  

Anyways - I arrived at Manly Whorf and took the chance to explore the beach. The water was a little chilly, but I still look my flip flops off and rolled up my pants and played in the sand. I didn't spend heaps of time on the beach but I definitely got the 'Manly' experience.  Plus I bought some cool souvenirs for people!  (Hope you all are excited to see them!) 

Once I got back from Manly Beach I walked around for a while then caught the train back to Burwood with Tamara.  Cate made chicken burritos and my oh my were they good! Plus icecream.  It's been a perfect day!


  1. Sounds like great Fun!! Glad you finally got to see the Opera House up close and personal!