Saturday, May 21, 2011

Blue Mountains

Today Cate, Tamara, Mariela, and I headed up to the Blue Mountains for a great day of fun!  After stopping in to see Cate's friend we went to Leura (the town) to look at the shops and eat some amazing Thai food. When in Leura is was decided that we needed a taffy fix so we went to the candy shop!

...and it was like stepping into a small version of Willy Wonka's factory. Floor to ceiling candy. Candy in every corner. Candy every where!  And there was "American" candy too! Hah. I definitely got some. :)  Plus I got some fantastic little taffys, although I believe they are almost all gone!

Once that little adventure was over, it was off to see the famous Blue Mountains.  Check 'em out! Aren't they amazing?
Three Sisters (The rocks behind me)

We also went to Flat Rock, which is a awesome place to have some picture taking fun! Especially because it is a huge flat rock with steep drop offs on all sides!

King the World!  Or maybe Titanic? 

I did NOT carve this. Bought I found it. How awesome?!
Love my initials. 

It was a perfect day too!  The weather was amazing and it was never to chilly.  Oh but wait - there's still more to see. Like me watching my first rugby game!  (Go Tigers!) We watched the NRL Wests Tigers vs Panther at Campbelltown Stadium. And I was cheering for the Tigers.  (Mainly because that animal was my high school mascot but also because I like the Orange/Black color combo.)  It was a great game and a awesome day to say the least!

A Try!

Third Tackle

The Tigers won. And I bought a scarf to celebrate. :)

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