Tuesday, May 17, 2011

And Classes Draw to an End

Well it's Wednesday, May 18th and I am officially done with classes at Southern Cross University. Actually - I still have a number of essays due in the next two weeks as well as a final to take May 27th.  But I am actually done attending classes. I have to admit that I am really glad classes are over, but part of me is sad because that means my time here in Australia keeps getting shorter.
Kirsten & I at Tommy's

On Monday my roomies and I went out to dinner at a bar called Tommy's.  It was like our last supper.  Dinner was really fancy (which we didn't expect) but because it was the restaurants anniversary we each got our meals buy-one-get-one-free.  Plus Shari's chicken was undercooked so they took an extra percentage off our bill.  So what would have been $140.00 bill turned out to be $49.00!  That means that I got a ribeye steak, garlic pizza, and mixed berry cheesecake for 9 dollars!  Heck yes!

I will certainly miss my roomies once this experience is over.   Shari Cohen, Kirsten HilbertHillary HigbeeNicole Stradtman & me!

On Tuesday night I saw a beautiful and unique sunset.  The sky turned a purple color with hints of pink showing through. The picture I took just doesn't do it justice.  

Yesterday after Outdoor Ed finished up I ate a free lunch, hosted by the Indigenous college, with my friends Krista and Marianne. My favorite thing that they serve are the baked potatoes.  I eat them like normal people eat apples. Haha.  After the lunch I went to my usual Skyping spot and talked with mom and rented the movie 3:10to Yuma on iTunes.

Marianne & I
Last night everyone had a crazy time drinking and partying.  While they were being crazy I ate some popcorn and watched my movie so it was a good night indeed.  :)  Now all I have to do is homework.  I have one Vegetation Management Report (for biology) to finish before I leave for Syndey tomorrow so I better get to writing it! 

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