Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Roomies and Cookies

I feel the need to update to my mostly non-existence readers (if you read this post a comment below so I know someone is out there!).  Saturday I did homework all day.  And Sunday was filled was a lot of excitement!
Wilson Nature Reserve
I went to choir practice in the morning then went to Sacrament. I got to lead the music, but I forgot how much arm muscle you need to lead the songs with four or five verses. Haha. I thought my arm might fall off at one point in time.  Then I taught a primary class.  We played hangman.  Oh yeah.  Relief society was filled with some great advice, but after church the real adventure began.

I ended up heading up to Brisbane [2.5 hours away from Lismore] with the young single adults in the Lismore Ward.  We all hung out at Ben's house eating lunch and listening to music until it was time to head up to Brisbane. The drive was fun and filled with me attempting to speak Australian. Huge fail. I need to practice more so when I come back to America I sound cool!  We attended a Fireside in Brisbane about missionary work and I really loved it!  Great speakers with a neat message! And there was cake!  Yummy!  We got to Lismore about 12:30am, but it was heaps of fun!

I reckon' that Monday was equally as fun. The roomies and I (Kirsten, Hilary, and Nicole) watched the movie Tangled and ate an entire pan of chocolate chip cookies.  Good bonding. It'll be strange to live in my studio apartment again and I'll miss the interaction with people. But I'll be heaps more productive in my own place.

Today was hello rainy day.  It was also my biology field trip. Today we went to Wilson Nature Reserve in Lismore and got a chance to do some field work.  Our group also got attacked by jumping ants, haha. It was epic and involved screaming.  I escaped unharmed though, no worries!  It actually didn't rain on us, which was so nice! Although the clouds were looming overhead daring to rain.

Outdoor education was interesting and it's giving me some really good ideas for improving horse camp this summer. I also am pulling some great ideas for my senior internship/capstone class ENVS 4920.  Not much else happen, except for it raining.  (My friend Alyson gave me Easter candy today! That was happy!)

Oh... I also found the neatest hand dryer on campus.  Yes, that is a kangaroo and emu on it!  Proudly Australian Made.


  1. David and I both read every single one of your posts. In fact, it is part of our nightly ritual--we get into bed and then pull out our phones to see if you've updated your blog. So, I'd guess you'd call us devoted fans!!!!! Katlin-groupies!!! Oh yeah!!!!

  2. I read your blog!
    Rachel Smith

  3. I love reading your blog! I was wondering when you were going to update it! :)

  4. Yay! I feel loved now. :) Thanks guys!