Thursday, April 28, 2011

Koala Bear Love

Oh yes. This is another post about koala bears.  I'm sure you get sick of hearing about the koala bears, but maybe not. They are pretty awesome.

Anyways, today (despite the on and off again downpours) I went and cared for the koala's.  Because it had been raining all day they were cuddled up resembling huge wet balls of fur.  But so cute!

One of the babies decided to wake up when the sun came out and it sure seemed like she wanted her picture taken!  Days like this making doing service easy and fun.  And I love. I love every last minute of it.

Before koalas, I took the long route down to campus and went on a walk called Blackman's walk.  It was really interesting because I hadn't seen that part of campus up close before.  I saw medical gardens, beautiful pink daisies, lush green plants, and one very muddy lake due to all the rain.  It was neat to walk that direction and really fun!

I love exploring. So exploring campus is really neat too!

Tonight all of my roomies are out drinkin'.  Thursday is a popular night to drink.  I'm not sure why, because I would have thought Friday would have been more popular... but no. It's all about getting your Thursday on.  Actually, it's really fun right before they go out to the clubs when we are doing silly stuff in our apartment. Like dancing. Or laughing so hard we cry.

Great night.

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