Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter in Australia

Happy Easter everybody!

For some people Easter is today, but I celebrated yesterday. Funny how Australia is a day ahead like that. Easter was really good this year (as it always is). I went to church and ate cake in Relief Society. Plus I got Anzac Day Biscuits. I have no idea what ingredients they had in them, but they resembled cookies and were delicious!

After church I went over to Julie's house. (Julie is the lady that picks me up for church each Sunday.)  Her daughter Cate was there and so was her granddaughter LauraLee (not sure if I spelled that right).  It was such much fun! We ate snacks while watching the third Chronicles of Narnia movie, played some games, chatted, and then got to eat an amazing Easter feast!  It made my day because I got to spend Easter with a neat family and didn't have to be alone in my apartment.

When I came back to my flat, my two roomies Hillary and Kirsten were back from the Gold Coast. In honour of Easter I made a cake!  Not the best cake I have ever made, but it was good just the same! Then we watched the Little Mermaid.  Yup. A pretty darn good Easter!

Today I have been homework all day and I have also Skpyed mom in the morning. I also realized that I have nine days of classes left. Woah. I still have five weeks of turning assignments in, but as far as physically going to classes I'm almost done. Which is crazy.

Time to get back to the grind of homework.  I hope everyone has/had a fantastic Easter holiday!

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