Friday, April 29, 2011

Should have been...

I already posted this picture once, but Shari made it
look all fancy and neat! Besides, it's very fitting since
we watched the movie "Roommates!"
It should have been race day this weekend, but it got cancelled. Sad day.

So instead, I am going to spend the whole day studying because I really need to be productive and get some essays written.  I was going to do that last night but ended up watching the scary movie "Roommates" with some of my actual roommates.  Ekk! Maybe this is why I live by myself in Logan!

On a really exciting side note, a booked my plane ticket for Sydney yesterday!  I'm going to go stay at my friend Cate's house from May 19th till the 23rd.  It's not a very long time to stay there - but at least I'll get to see some of the really neat things while I am there!

I think that's all I am going to write for now.  Time to eat left over spaghetti! Wow. Pretty sure that is something my sister Heidi would say. Ha ha.

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