Saturday, March 26, 2011

Surf's Up... Dude

Oh yes. I went surfing today at Lennox Head!  It was awesome!! Thank goddess I have balance and actually managed to stand up a lot.  I had a massive board, so that helped, but I impressed myself.  (And as a side note, I'm really tired.  Whew!)

Something totally awesome that happend while I was surfing was the fact that I saw dolphins! They were right there chillin' with us in the water!  Is was so neat!!

So I surfed. In Australia. With dolphins. Right on.

Heres some surfer slang I picked up on today:

Surf's Up!
Hang Ten Dude! 
In the soup - when a surfer is in the white foam of the wave after the wave has broken

 I wish I had some pictures to show you, but they didn't take any and I wasn't going to bring my camera out into the open water. So you'll just have to trust me.  And do you know something else?  I get to cross "Try surfing" off my bucket list.  =)  A picture of me chilling on the beach should satisfy though.

Once surfing completed I got to hang out with my friends at Byron Bay before catching the bus to Lismore.  We grabbed some grub (pizza) at a local shop then went down the the beach.

While my friends laid on the beach attempting to tan (despite the fact it was overcast), I walked around and collected some really neat seashells.  I think it must have been low tide when we went to the beach because they were everywhere. I couldn't help but grab one or two. It's something you probably aren't supposed to do, but I wanted to have a memory of where I'd been.

When I came back to Lismore I hopped in the shower then went to a Relief Society activity with the Lismore LDS Ward.  It was really neat because we celebrated the RS Birthday.  It was so much fun!  I honestly wasn't expecting it to be as much fun as it was, so I'm glad that I went!

 I am getting to meet more and more people each day and I love it!  Besides, who wouldn't want to chat with friends and indulge in good food!  Plus we ate an amazing cake.  Seriously. It was so rich but so good!

Well; I'm lovin' life right now.  Time for bed.

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