Friday, March 25, 2011

Sun & Shop

Today I spent the majority of the day lounging about and laying by the pool in an attempt to tan. Which did not work. I guess I over did the sunscreen, but I would rather stay cancer free so it's a trade off.
Why yes. That is an awkward smile because I'm
carrying shampoo in my hand & have my sunnies
in my mouth.
After the tanning attempt I pretended to do homework. (Which I must actually do after I write this.) Then I went to the shops in Lismore with my flatmate.  Oh what a perfect day for a walk down and back up.

 I managed to pick up some things for my outback trip... that happens in 8 days!!  I got a long sleeve shirt, some hiking pants, a water bottle, bug spray (a must), and more sunscreen (another must).  Oh yes. And a hat.  A perfect wide brim Aussie lookin' hat.  Outback here I come.

And, as tradition would have it, I bought shoes! In case you didn't know, I have an obsession with shoes. Especially buying shoes in another country.  Today I bought my first official pair of Aussie flats. Good shoe sale!

On a side note; I was walking back to Orion College and saw bats (flying foxes) just hanging in the tree. They were in the process of waking up because it was dusk.  Crazy huge bats at that!

So bats and hats and shoes oh my!

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