Friday, March 4, 2011


Today was awesome! Amazing! Heaps of fun!!

In case you didn't already know what I was doing this weekend, I went snorkeling at the Cape Byron Marine Park. I saw tropical fish, coral, sharks, manta rays, and of course - sea turtles (green sea turtles to be exact)!

Although it is rather stormy here today, the trip went off without a problem!  We took a short boat ride out into the sea then dove right into the water and swam for about an hour. And yes... my legs are jello. I'm not used to swimming so much or against the current!  I took a disposable camera with me; but I haven't had the film developed yet and probably won't be able to put the pictures online.  What you see on this post are pictures provided by the Byron Bay Dive Centre.  But I saw all of these animals!  And more fish I couldn't identify.

Exploring the ocean was an experience I hope I never forget!

After snorkeling ended (sad) we hung around Byron and walked through shops and around the town. It's a neat town with lots of things to see, so it was good.  When it started raining really hard, my friend and I sat down at "The Beach Hotel" (aka café/bar/hotel/) and watched a football game (aka soccer).
A great ending to a great day.  Now it's time for me to eat some dinner. Sit down and watch a movie. Do some reading for uni, and sleep.  My legs are jello and tomorrow my arms are going to be jello.  Kayaking the day after snorkeling should be interesting - but fun!  I'll update on how that adventure goes too!


  1. I'm caught up on your blog now! Your adventures are so amazing!!!

  2. so so so cool! I love snorkeling! It's like another world!