Thursday, March 17, 2011

Saint Patricks Day Down Under

Yesterday (which might be actually be today; depending on where you live) was Saint Patricks Day.  Good ol' Irish man. Well, down here in Oz St. Patricks Day means drinking.  And a lot of drinking.  Some Aussies started at 7... in the morning!  But I had better things to do.  Like go work at the koala centre!

I have a feeling that the koalas didn't know it was a holiday.  But they certainly enjoyed eating new leaf! Working at the centre is really neat and I just love the little baby koalas! They are so much cuter than the older ones!  Actually, most animals are cuter when the are babies.  Take cows for example.  A calf is cute, a bull is not.  Yep yep.
Well, here is my attempt at green!


  1. oh you're just cute!
    it also blows my mind that those pictures of koalas are REAL! You get to work with my favoriteeeee animal and it makes me soooo jealous! Bring one back to Logan for me? :P

  2. Oh Jill! I want to bring back a koala for you! But I don't think that would be allowed! But I'll find something for you I promise!!!