Monday, March 21, 2011


 Today I had a field trip for my Perspectives on Australia class. We first went to the Djanbung Gardens. Djanbung means platypus in the local Wyabul dialect and was given to the gardens when they first began in 1994.  Djanbung Gardens is Au's leading permaculutre centre where living sustainably and within your means is practiced. Let's just say that the gardens looked like an overgrown jungle and I honestly didn't get much out of the experience.  But it was neat to walk around and take a look at things - like awesome bamboo clumps.

After the walk around Djanbung, the class was bussed to the Rainbow Power Company. We heard an overview of how it works in general and how solar power is helping Nimbin live off the grid.

Then there was Nimbin itself. A  hub for dreadlocks, marijuana and strange looking people. Everything is technicolor, bright, and "happy".  Nimbin was an iconic site in 1970s counter-culture movement (in Australia) and it hasn't changed much since the 70s.

Although I had to decline buying marijuana over and over, it was neat to see the how the culture thrives.  Without a police presence, marijuana and other drugs (despite the fact they are illegal) are extremely present in the society. Perhaps that would help explain the crazy colored buildings on Cullen Street.

Going to Nimbin was definitely  an interesting experience.  I gained a glimpse of the 70s and bought a neat ankel bracelet to replace the one I bought in Byron Bay (that broke) and bracelet for my wrist.

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