Thursday, March 3, 2011


One of Lismore's many roundabouts...
Why does it cost so much to buy things here? Either way I have to buy certain things. Like an underwater disposable camera.  A must when kayaking. No way I'm taking my expensive digital. A fork/knife/spoon set for camping.  A cup.  All purpose cup really - you can drink out of it, eat noodles out of it, and wash it easily. Headlamp.  Gotta have a headlamp.  I'm sure I could have bought a cheaper one, but I bought a Coleman LED with 25 hours of running time. And some quick dry shorts. And a cute modest bottom for my bathers.
Interesting Tree
Oh least I forget my biggest purchase today.  A trip to the outback! It's official. I got the e-mail. I am headed to the Red Centre of Australia. I checked out a book from the library and I love the description of the outback. "Australia's outback - endless horizons, vast desert of red sand, mysterious monoliths, and cloudless blue skies. If there is a soundtrack, it is the rhythmic haunting tones of the didgeridoo." The guide also describes the sprawling Aussie cattle ranch, ancient mountain ranges, and Uluru.  Can you say excited?!  I am willing to bet this will be the highlight of my time in the Land Down Under.

On a different note, I walked to Lismore today and was able to see Rotary Park, a remnant rainforest.  It was so neat.  Here in the middle of Lismore is rainforest.  Amazing.

Before I went to town, and the downpour of rain started, I got to work a two hour shift at the Koala Care Centre.  Which was awesome! I got to help weigh a koala, clean their pens, place eucalyptus for them to eat, as well as scrub out all the pots and volunteer for a great organization.  As a service learning scholar at Utah State I am really happy that I get to volunteer overseas.

Especially at a care centre for koalas! Who gets to say they have done that?!?

All in all, today was a fantastic day.
One of the pens I cleaned. This one has six koalas, two
of which are babies and so cute!
Although i didn't get to go play badminton because I got back late from shopping and needed to put things away. Plus it was raining cats and dogs outside at the time.  But still.

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