Sunday, March 13, 2011


On the wings of an eagle.

Day One:
After a night of packing my rucksack I was ready to wake up early and head to Meebunn-bia; which is an outdoor education facility.  It's a two hour drive from Lismore and is in the most beautiful country.

When we [our outdoor education class] got to Meebunn-bia it was straight into hiking. Along the way we got to play some neat challenge games.

 For lunch we went hiking up a super steep hill which was challenging and I sweating like a horse. But it was well worth it!  After lunch we hiked several more kilometers (or k's) and camped near a high ropes course.  Awesome!  It was so much fun to get up there and play around.  My favorite part was the flying fox - or zipline!!!!  It was so cool!  I wanted to do it again and again! Haha.  After a tiring day we hiked for a few more minutes then got to camp.  I was so tired but so glad to be outside in my element.  It was a lot of hiking but I'm glad.

Day Two:

Woke up early. Before everyone else actually. It was amazing to be up early and see the sun come up.  There was also a wallaby in camp!  It was so funny to watch it hop around and investigate our camp.  Once everyone was up and had breakfast we began a navigation course to see if we could handle a map and compass.  Thank goodness that I have practice doing that.  The only thing that freaks me out when hiking around in Australia is spider webs.  And huge spiders. And nasty webs. Yuck.

 After the nav course we packed up and hiked more k's to our final camping spot.  I loved it there.  We got to climb a small hill and watch the sun set.  It was amazing.  But I was glad when we came back and got to go to bed. My legs are so not used to working that hard!  Makes me appreciate my horse that much more!

Day Three:
Woke up at 5:00 and watched the sunrise. SO much more amazing than the sunset. I loved it. After brekkie it was off to another high ropes challenge in pairs and then I got to do a free fall. The free fall was awesome because you climb up this huge tree then jump from the top (while attached to a belaying system).  You free fall then the rope catches you and it's like a giant swing. I loved it.  After those activities it was more hiking then finally the day rolled to an end and we climbed on the bus to Lismore.

I am really sad that it's over because I love the outdoors so much and would spend all my time outside if I could!  But I am glad I got to go!  :)

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  1. Loved the frog pic! Sounds like another amazing adventure!