Saturday, March 5, 2011

Evans River

Today I went kayaking with the SCU Outdoor Adventure Club.  First off, it's awesome that SCU has an adventure club. I love that word. Adventure.

We drove up to Evans Head (population 3,100) and proceeded to the Evans River.  This river meets the ocean - so it's very sandy and the tide pulls it in and out each day.  It was raining when we started so I'm sure everyone that went looked really attractive. Sunnies. Raincoats. Life-vests. And kayaks. Oh yes!

I was in a purple (two seater) kayak with a girl I met today who is also in the club. I purposely chose that color. Purple is a good color; so my logic was that purple should be a good kayak. And it was!  We went up the river and got a chance to see some really neat things like an aboriginal midden. (A midden is basically a very old garbage dump.) Paddling against the wind was a challenge both ways, but it made it exciting!

We also paddled through a mangrove forest.  Navigating the trees was so complicated but really neat.  And the highlight of the day was probably the water fall. No. Not an actual waterfall but rather a water... fall.  Aka we put the kayaks on the dock, got in the kayaks and pushed into the water. Get it? More like falling in the water via kayak! It was awesome!! My friend and I managed to keep our kayak from rolling like some others did. Haha.

Once again I didn't bring my digital camera (too afraid of getting it wet), so I'll post pictures later when I get them developed!  If you haven't looked at my Byron Bay post you should. Because that's what I did yesterday and it was equally as awesome!

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