Tuesday, March 29, 2011


The birds are loud. Very. You can even ask my mom who hears them when I Skype her.  Sometimes they are louder than me!  Crazy!

I had a little melt down today.  I was really sad about my grade in tourism. I'm not used to this referencing style and was not prepared. Ugh. Such a hard grading system! Oh well, good to learn a new system anyways.

But I'm happy now.  =)  I got my housing application mailed (for fall 2011), a quiz taken for biology, I read my text biology, I turned in two papers for Perspectives on Australia, I applied to be an Undergraduate Teaching Fellow as well as a CNR Ambassador, and I did my laundry!  Whew... I did a lot today!

And I think I'll make fettuccine alfrado with chicken and veggies.  Sounds like a good dinner to me!

And yes. I realize I have issues with grammar and spelling. It's part of my personality.

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  1. I really just freaking love you.
    also, where are you living next year?