Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Switching It Up

I was in flat (aka apartment) number 13D.  Not a lucky number.  Not a very good flat.

So today I popped into the international office and asked Karen (study abroad advisor) if there was anyway I could switch flats. And she made magic happen!  Thanks to her I am living in flat 16 which is so nice compared to 13D.  The furniture is nicer, the appliances newer, my closest is bigger, my desk is bigger, and it is quite!

Plus, this flat is over the laundry room so it never gets too loud and there are no neighbors, only a storage room.  Below next to the laundry is the recreation room (which has a pool table, T.V., and ping pong table), so if I want to watch T.V. I just pop downstairs and flip it on.  WOnderful!

Here are some new pictures of my flat for the semester.

 Here is the kitchen.  The table is so nice and there are actually six chairs to seat all the flatmates.  This fact was not true in 13D. Also, the stove has numbers so you can figure out what temperature to cook things at!

Nice and clean sitting room.  The couches actually look like they aren't going to give you a disease.

Here is my little bed and stuffed animal from mom! =)  I also bought an Aussie flag - so cool!

My desk is very long and wide - but it makes for good study area!

And below is a picture of my closet and door into the room.  I also have a handy place to hang purses, towels and my hand towel.