Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Drive

Yesterday was a really neat day because I was able to go to church and meet some of the locals.  Everyone was really sweet and nice; I even got invited to someone's house after church for lunch and a Sunday drive!

On the drive we stopped at Lake Ainsworth in Lennox Head which is perhaps the oddest lake I have ever seen in my life! Lake Ainsworth (nicknamed Coca Cola lake) is near Ballina and is really close to Seven Mile Beach (yes, the beach is really seven miles long!).

 The lake is a warm freshwater lake that is permanently discolored by ti-treas, or tea trees as we call them, and is said to have good health benefits. The locals call it Coca Cola because when you swim in the lake it looks like you are swimming in Coke!

I also saw a couple other beaches that are popular with people who live in Lismore or Ballina.  Everyone says Byron Bay is one of the best beaches, but that is where all of the tourist go because it is Australia most easterly point.  If you want to really experience a fantastic beach go to Lennox Head. It's the same type of beach, but with far less people!

Today I am off to class.  Ready to experience Southern Cross Uni!  I've got biology and cultural perspectives on Australia today... so excited!

Edit:  Look at the video from the beach! (Sorry about the sound quality, but it was really really windy!)

Edit #2 - Check out the Currumbin post to see another video!


  1. This is neat - I'm glad you are having a good time there!