Monday, February 14, 2011

O Week

Today was the official start of O Week at uni.  We learned a ton of information but thankfully is it all written down so I don't have to try and remember it all. After the session we [the international students] participated in a traditional aboriginal smoking ceremony.  To the native people of this land, the earth is their mother and they have a spiritual connection to the land.  Green leaves from plants are placed by the group on a small fire. The smoke is used to cover the participants’ bodies, ridding them of what is not needed - cleansing both them and the area around them.  (It was really cool!!)

And I got to eat Kangaroo!  Depending on how you cook the meat, it can be really good or rather interesting.  

Later in the day I took a bus ride around Lismore to see the town.  So green and gorgeous!  They have a huge river in the middle of town and apparently it can cause a lot of flooding at times so buildings in North and South Lismore are built up off the ground five or six feet.

In the picture you can't really see the town but I swear it's there. Just hidden in the bush.

Once that commenced I got to have my Southern Cross Uni ID made.  It isn't the best photo - but hey, after being out in the heat and humidity all day it isn't too bad!

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