Friday, February 25, 2011


To start things off I had a fantastic day today!  My friends Marianne, Brittany, Krista, and I walked down to Lismore today.  We walked in some really neat shops, ate some delicious food, and planned some great adventures for this semester.

During the end of April the Lismore Turf (Horse Race) Club hosts the "SCU Race Day."  Walking around town my friends and I found a cool little antique shop and I found a perfect race day hat.  It would do well if it made it to the Kentucky Derby.

After that adventure, we ate the famous Lismore meat pies.  I got a plain steak pie and mashed potatoes.  So yummy!  I love that they give you real plates, forks, and knives to eat.  I want to eat here again soon!  Only 3.80 for a meat pie and a dollar for potatoes... best deal ever!

And the meat pies where so delicious. Home made amazingness.

I also managed to plan a lot of trips and field trips.  Hopefully next weekend I can go snorkeling with sea turtles at Byron Bay then kayak the Evans River the following day.  Then the following weekend is a field trip to Meebunn-bia for Outdoor Ed.  The weekend after that is a hike to Minyon Falls.  Weekend after that hopefully Surfing at Byron Bay... Can you imagine all of that is just the month of March?!  I'm so stoked!

Finally to end things my friend Jill tagged me in her blog post. Now I am supposed to write 15 "unique" things about my self. Or something to that effect.  So here it goes:

1. Currently I live in Lismore, Australia. Land down under.  Oh yeah!
2. I crave adventure. Anything new and different. Adventure is out there.  Adventure is everywhere. I love Adventure.
3. I love to ride horses. If I could ride my horse everyday I would. If you think I am joking, I'm not. I love horses.
4.  I also love my family and love to talk about how awesome they are!
5.  Sun.  I simply love the sun. I love to be out in the sun, feel it's warmth on my back, and soak up the rays.  When it is sunny I am happy.  Sometimes this makes me hate winter, but thankfully skiing solves that problem.
6. I love to travel.
7. I love to explore.
8. I love Oregon.  I mean Utah... wait. Oregon will always be my home and I love it there.  I have to admit that as much as I rag on Utah I do think it's beautiful and I am grateful that I get to go to school there.
9. Go Aggies!
10. I constantly say I hate school because I don't like tests or quizzes.  But honestly, I love it.  What am I going to do when I graduate college??
11. I am not a late-night-party girl.  Never have been.  Sorry to all my Aussie friends, but I'll leave the drinking and staying out past midnight to you.
12.  I love a cold glass of orange juice with some ice.  It's perhaps one of the best drinks out there besides milk - which I equally love.
13. I use the word "love" a lot.  I love my friends, my family, and life itself.
14. Although I love cities and their culture... I am a country girl.  Ranches. Cattle. Horses. Hay. Fields. Wide open spaces. Mountains. Wilderness.  That's where I love to be.
15. My favorite meal (could I eat it all at once) would be: Prime Rib, twice baked potatoes, corn on the cob, bbq asparagus, watermelon, a sweet roll, and chocolate ice cream!!  Honestly I am not sure I could eat all of that if it was placed in front of me at once, but it sure sounds good!

I am not sure I want to tag anyone, but feel free to leave a comment and also a unique thing about yourself!