Saturday, February 12, 2011


Today I went exploring.  Since orientation doesn't start until Monday I had all day Saturday to explore.  A group of flat-mates and I went down and looked around campus.

It is very tropical here, so when you think "green campus" you should think Southern Cross.  Every building is covered in plants, has plants around it, or plants in it!  So awesome!  (Although the fact that campus is built on the side of a hill is a pain... it makes Old Main Hill in Logan, Utah look like a piece of cake.)

The building in this picture -> is the Environmental Science building I believe.  But I could be wrong.  Maybe it is the Law and Justice Building. Hm. Guess I should figure out which building is which pretty soon.

After walking up and down campus we came upon the local Koala Bear Rehabilitation Centre. It is where the injured Koala's from the town and surrounding areas are rehabilitated so they can be released back into the wild.  Isn't this little guy cute?

 But I have to admit the best part of the day was walking back when I saw a wild Koala just chilling in a tree by the road.  It amazes me that they don't just fall right out of the tree!

Not so cute are the massive spiders.  You have to be really careful walking to campus because they spin huge webs that you could walk through.  Most of the big ones are not poisonous according to the locals, it's the little black pool spiders you have to watch out for.  But really. Poisonous spiders are too bad.  It's the snakes you have to avoid!

Here is the last picture from the day.  Classy Katlin standing by a tree.  I have a lot of tree-Katlin related pictures.  I guess I really like trees. But this tree is special. Because it is in Australia. (And not to mention the size of it!)


  1. My uncle says it's cool to go out at night and shine a flashlight inbetween trees because you can see the GIANT webs the spiders weave...Also I am jealous of you! You look like you're having SO much fun :)

  2. There are huge spideers! They scare me so much! Haha. I wish you could be here to see it with me!