Friday, February 11, 2011

Down Under

I made it.  Officially.  I am in Lismore, Australia - sitting in my apartment (actually in my room) eating a muffin because my system is still a little wacky from the jet-lag.

What I've seen of Australia so far is beautiful!  It's so lush and green!  The critters outside are chirping away and the party at the barbie I went to is still going on in the background. It's nearly 9:30 here and still very humid outside, not to mention warm!  Oh warmth. I love you!

Today I explored a shopping center; bought some food supplies and some living supplies.  I felt cool spending Aussie money.  I like Orion College, such a fun community to live in!  The apartments flats here are co-ed which is actually really nice!  I thought it was going to be weird, but so far I really like it!

I've learned the Aussies love to drink. And make fun of American's who can't holder their liquor.  They think I'm odd when I say I don't drink, so from now on I might as well bring a can of 7-up or Sprite with me so they stop asking. Haha. Do you think it will fool them if I put it in a plastic cup?  I doubt it. Haha.

Well, I believe that it's time for me to finish my muffin and get ready for bed.  I am surely tired and my flat-mate playing the guitar is lulling me to sleep.  So I'll talk to mates later!


Aussie Tidbit:  Southern Cross University was named after the constellation Southern Cross. This group of stars is best seen only in night skies of the Southern Hemisphere and has been used by generations of explorers to help them find their way on countless voyages of discovery.

It is composed of five star shaped like a cross tilted to one side. The Southern Cross has long played a significant role in Australian history - from Aboriginal legend to a symbol of freedom as it appeared on the flag that defiantly fluttered over the Eureka Stockade more than a century ago as Australia struggled to achieve its identity.

To this day, the Southern Cross remains a potent symbol appearing on both Australia's flag and Coat of Arms. Southern Cross University proudly continues the traditional of this iconic constellation by helping future generations - both nationally and internationally - to find their way on their own voyages of discovery in an increasingly complex world.


  1. yessss this sounds great! woman, you need to take pictures on all your adventures! :)

  2. I will take a ton of pictures while I am here! I miss you too, but I'll be sure to have lots of fun!!