Friday, February 18, 2011


When most people think of the Gold Coast in Australia they think of beaches and the ocean. Well... how about the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary!  Talk about amazing!  Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary was founded in 1947 by Alex Griffiths and today has over 1,400 birds, reptile and mammals.  The also have the world's largest collection of fauna and also have many rare and endangered species.

Besides that Currumbin offers a chance for visitors to get up close and personal.

One of the first things I saw was a worker playing with the wild dingos!  They are so cute, like dogs... only not.

At Currumbin they also have kangaroos that you can walk up to so I decided to get a little friendly with this guy.  He was just relaxing under a tree because it was very hot outside!  Isn't he awesome?!  Not to mention the fact that I took this picture myself and I have to say it's pretty darn good!

Then I went over to the muddier part of the pasture (if that's what you want to call it) and found this guy!  He was so curious he came right up to me and started licking my cheek. So I got a kangaroo kiss on the cheek!  (Must have liked the taste of my makeup or sunscreen! Haha)

If kangaroos weren't cool enough I saw a lot of fuzzy koala bears hanging in the trees.  Look at this one - he loves to have his picture taken!

To finish the day out I got to hold a baby koala and have my picture taken with her!  She is so tiny compared to regular koalas but so cute!!

You had to pay money to have your picture taken but it was the best money spent the entire day!  And not only a few people got to hold her because she is so young - awesome!!!!

Today was really exciting and I got to learn about the animals of Australia.  I put together a little video to show you some snakes, lizards, birds, and kangaroos but the internet is too slow and it won't let me upload it. So keep a look out for it in the future!


Edit:  Video!!!


  1. I AM SOOOOO JEALOUS! You're holding my favorite animal in the entire world! I miss you! :)

  2. Wow! - Love the picture of you and the kangaroo, good shot! What does a kangaroo kiss feel like? Ahhh,I love you and the baby koala, so cute and cuddly! What a great day!

    Love you Mom

  3. Oh Jill! I wish you could have been there to hold it too! I misss you also! :)

    Thanks mom! A kangaroo kiss feels kind of like a cross between a cat licking you and a dog. Not too scratchy and not too slimy! Haha. Love you too!

  4. Great pictures. Looks like your having a great time and lots of fun. Enjoy.

    love you, Dad