Saturday, February 26, 2011

Aussie Lunch

The chaplency on campus, in coordination with the International Office, had a Aussie lunch for new international students today.  I wasn't sure what I expected at first - but it turned out to be awesome!  About 20 students were paired off then sent to have lunch with a local family.  I was paired up with Julia, who I didn't know before today, and we went to have lunch with Lynne and Bruce.

Lynne picked us up and we drove about 25 minutes outside of Lismore to Alstonville. Her house is amazing.  Built in the 1920s with 14 foot ceilings.  Their counter is made out of old growth rainforest (that they salvaged from another part of their house during the addition process)... so cool!

We had lunch on the veranda and it was a fantastic meal.  Chicken from the barbie, corn on the cob, potato casserole, and watermelon.  Not to mention that we had the best dessert ever.  Pavlova. Seriously. I am getting the recipe and sharing it with you all.  So good. So yummy.  I highly recommend you eat this one day in your life.

After lunch we got to feed lemons to their "pet" bull. I believe he is a Brahma Bull.  Massive? I think yes.  But look I got pictures!

And he loves fruit, especially lemons. I don't think I ever realized that bulls like fruit.  Haha.

Then Bruce took us on a Sunday drive to see a local waterfall (can't think of the name right now) and we watched kids dive off the cliff into the water. It was so cool!

The water must be really deep because you can't see the bottom and when kids swing off the rope from tree branches they never come close to the bottom. Or so they say...

Also we saw a Aussie parking job. Haha. The rear wheel of the car is about 3 feet off the ground - so funny!

I can't even imagine parking like this. Do you think they even realized it?

After walking around the falls we went to the Victoria Park Nature Reserve.  Victoria Park is a 17.5 hectare chunk of rainforest completely untouched by man. There is a small trail through the rainforest so we go to walk around and check out all of the interesting and unique plants.

Today was a fantastic day and I am so excited that I got to travel outside and Lismore to see and do different things!

Bruce just sent me the recipe for Pavalo, so be brave and make it if you want to eat something amazing!
Marshmello Pavlova:

4 egg whites 1 dessert spoon cornflour
1 cup castor sugar

Electric — preheat to moderate (180 Celsius).
Gas — preheat to moderate.
(I think this part really means preheat your oven to 360 Fahrenheit)

Draw about an 8 inch circle on baking paper & turn paper over so that mixture doesn’t get ink/pencil on it.

1 teaspoon white vinegar

Beat egg whites until stiff, add 5 cup castor sugar, and beat thoroughly until sugar dissolves. Add remaining sugar, a tablespoon at a time, beating well. Mixture should be reasonably stiff & “shiny”. Lightly fold in sifted cornflour, then vinegar.

Put baking paper on flat tray, dust with cornflour. Put mixture in circle shape onto the paper, level off mixture, don’t make a shell. This mixture will make one deep 9” pav.

REDUCE oven temp to SLOW (150... or 300 degrees F) and bake for about 1 hour. Check to see if it is not burning—it should be just slightly brown. Don’t worry if there are cracks in the shell. Cook a bit more (1/4 hour maximum) if it has no colour. Turn oven off & cool in oven. Top with whipped cream and your favourite fruits. Enjoy.  (We enjoyed it topped with strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, and passionfruit!)
I think I will for sure be making this (or attempting to) when I get back.  Well here is a short video from the rainforest adventure.  I cannot figure out how to rotate it, but it's a clip of a tree. Just to show you how tall they are here in the rainforest.

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