Friday, January 7, 2011

New Years Resolution #1


So perhaps it's not actually my numero uno New Years Resolution but it's the one I started on first. And that is redoing my room.  New paint.  Cleaning out old things.  Reorganizing. New feel.

But while this has been a great endeavor it has turned into a lot of work... and by a lot of work I really mean a lot of work.  I can't even walk from my closet to my bed. It's rather sad. So instead of cleaning I've given up and thus why I sit here writing on my blog.  But I love the new color of blue!  So the tree parts of my room are white, green, and blue.  It's pretty.

I'll post pictures once I find my camera cord... which is buried somewhere.  In a pile.  Of STUFF.

Expect the next post to show pictures of stuff, paint, and the new version of my room.  (It's much more "adult" than the previous horse over-killed room.)

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