Thursday, January 13, 2011


I love to cook.  I the aroma in the kitchen after you are done.  I love when spices meld together to create a whole new flavor.  I love watching something come from nothing.  I love the art of french cooking and trying new things.  It's always fascinated me how something like duck can actually be good.  (But don't ask me to eat seafood. It's not happening.)   My mom, on the other hand, does not like cooking.  Which I can understand.  But to me, cooking is like art.  I can't paint you a picture, but I can make a mean batch of beef bourguignon (thank you Julia Child).  And my favorite to make is perhaps a stuffed Argentine flank steak with spicy red potatoes.  So good!  Oh and I love sweet pulled pork!  And cakes! And chocolates!

In relation to cooking; I was attempting to clean my room more today. But it didn't happen.  Why?  I couldn't find a spot to put my kitchen aid mixer, pots, pans, knives, and numerous gadgets. Maybe that's why it is so hard to move. Because I have too many kitchen related items.  (Although I wouldn't trade 'em - even if it made moving easier!)

Tomorrow I'm off to Washington.  Next week Alabama. Then Oregon... then Australia!  Talk about travel!  Good thing I love adventures!

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