Saturday, January 22, 2011

Airport - Denver

I'm sittin' in an airport. Waitin' for my plane to come. So I can go to Alabama.

 Do you know I love people watching?  It's so entertaining.  Like the guy outside with the orange sticks- you know, the one who directs the plane where to park... well he is throwing his sticks high into the air then attempting to catch 'em.  I think he must be bored. He's talented at twirling them too.  Now here comes the plane. Looks like he has work to do.

Across from me there is a sweet looking old lady.  She is reading a book called "Brides of Arkansas." I like her earrings and matching necklace.  And the red purse.  Theres a couple sitting against the window and another couple besides them.  The lady next to me is either talking to herself or her iPod. I'm not sure which.  And there is a little kid runny around with a cute lamb stuffed animal.

Brr. Someone opened a door because there's a draft.  Looks like the plane is about to unload.  (Hopefully no one is reading this over my shoulder. They might think I'm a total creeper.)

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