Saturday, December 4, 2010

Weekend Edition

Well. It's the weekend, which means time for a update.

I guess tomorrow (Sunday) still counts as the weekend. But church, homework, and studying don't sound like fun... thus I'm posting now.


Look at the icicles that hung outside on my apartment. I measured one at three feet!  I think there was a longer one, but it broke.

So pretty!

Once I was done with work I went skiing at the Beav!  I have been looking forward to skiing since the cold weather set in and now that I've gotten out there, I can say.... I love my new K2s!  
Saturday: Spent all day skiing! It was the best!!!!

I absolutely love the snow... it's so much fun flying down the runs.  I'm a little crazy I have to admit. Like skiing the Grand Canyon (Black Diamond) backwards at warp speed. It rocked! By the end of the day I was a little sore, but can't wait to be flying again!  (Maybe I'll actually attempt jumping next time... instead of just catchin' some air. Think a 360 is possible? Haha)

Besides rocking the runs and making sure that I remembering how to ski...  I also expanded my dollar bill talents. Yes. I can make a shirt out of a dollar bill now. (This happened sometime between being bored tonight and eating brownies.)  I personally think it's kind of cool!  

Perhaps I should head to bed now. 
Or study. But finishing my book sounds like the best option.

By the way: Alexis I ♥ your last post. (I truly do love writing everything fun that you say on my blog!) I am stealing that quote. Right now.

So friendship...
 It's the one ship I would and will sail on forever. 

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  1. YES!!! Someone quoted me!! I feel like that's such a fabulous thing, almost like I'm famous! I love you Kaitlin, you're fantastic, and so is the tree that bit Patsy haha