Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hello December

Umm. It's December 1st today.


Today will be a good first day of the month.  I graded all the letters for class (hooray!), now I'm at work.  Then I have to actually TA the class. Then I'll go back to my apartment (eat some yummy food) and work on a presentation and other homework.  That should take me the majority of the day...

I have at College of Natural Resources Council meeting later, then I have orchestra practice! I'm so excited to play Christmas music with the orchestra. I'm glad that they asked me to join them.  =)

Alexis (co-worker and awesome friend)  just informed me that coffee calms her down. Perhaps she should get more sleep.  But I guess studying for Organic Chemistry is important.  THis is entertaining.  She just went from telling a story about coffee to saying, "I don't understand how to get this equation!" She didn't even miss a beat.  Now she's talking about blogs.  Every two minutes is a different subject.  And having a leg spasm in between.  I'm glad you're reading this as I write it Alexis.

Quoting Alexis,    

" That's how I'm going to say it...

What do you think DMSO stands for? Dragons May Seem Oblong? 

I can't stop for anything.

I'm glad your writing this is your blog. I should stop speaking!

Your like those people who sit in the court house... Have you see Horton hears a who?
Like when their in the courthouse... and the words get small? And it's really funny! [Hysterically laughing in the background]

Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to have your own theme song?  Like in movies?  Yessss.. it's MY song. [Theme song noises emerge from thin air...] "


No one else will find this funny except for Alexis and I.

The best.

Going to be productive now.


  1. Oh my..... I shall come to this blog when I am wondering how I act when I am tired and stressed. Because this is exactly what it is like :)