Saturday, December 11, 2010

Almost There

I'm almost there. Almost done to be correct. Just one week of finals left. Ekk! But I'm calmly studying (but obviously not right now since I'm writing. But I will. Except later when I plan on going Christmas shopping for the family/friends.) After school is done, I'll head home.  Then later to the land down under.

So during "dead week" (which is funny because it often requires the most work) I managed to make several great accomplishments:

 1) Getting recognized in English 2010 for writing a research paper on how participating in outdoor recreation can help students reap mental and physical health benefit during the school week and stressful times in their lives. And yes, I got a cool certificate... although they spelled my name wrong. But admittedly it was fun to stand on stage and realize I can actually write decent things. 

 2) Writing the best research essay in my upper level Wildland Recreation Behavior class.  My professor, Monz, even wants to use it as an example for his future classes.  I have to say - I am really proud of myself for this one. Especially since I wrote about the Eagle Cap Wilderness and managing horse and packstock impacts. Something very near and dear to my heart.  And thank you to Shawna Meldrum for being an amazing partner in crime! And for sticking with me as we did this!  If you are daring enough to read this just click here and you will be directed to the online PDF version. 

3) Cache Symphony Orchestra concert. Love Christmas music!

4)  Cosmic bowling. Candy canes. Cupcakes. Taking 2nd place! Gift certificate. =)

5) Decorating the College of Natural Resources tree in the atrium with my CNR council friends. Best looking tree if I do say so myself. I'm everyone got together to celebrate the holiday season together.

6) The Quinney Library Christmas party was a ton of fun!  Food, musical chairs, doing a completely choreographed version of N'Sync's "Bye Bye Bye" for Carrie, and white elephant gift exchange. 

To all of my Quinney's: I  you.

So as school is wrapping up I feel like my whole world is wrapping up as well.  With study aboard and all... I won't be here next semester (technically next year). I am going to miss all of my friends and this is rather depressing thought.

I'll miss my USU friends.
To name a few:

Faculty & Professors too.... Especially everyone in the ENVS department!

 (Any everyone else who I didn't type because my fingers are getting tired... I ♥ you too. No worries!)

Well, now it's back to the grind of studying for finals then Christmas shopping.  Guess I should eventually pack and prepare for the next journey in life.  I'll keep you posted on finals and life as it progresses.  

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