Monday, November 15, 2010

Spamming + Snow

Today is a day for spamming my blog with posts. I just realized how terribly hypocritical I am.

In all things (it seems...).  Like the fact that I love summer and warmth and hate the cold yet... I love to skiSo, while I would love the white fluffy stuff to fall from the sky, I would love the sun to shine again. Therefore I have determined that this whole "going to Australia thing" will work out perfectly.

School there doesn't start until late February. This means that I can spend all of January on the mountain with my skis then suddenly jump on a plane and land in summertime. Life will be fabulous. Do you know what is also perplexing? Homework. Most of all my economics homework. Sometimes my statistics homework. But never homework for my major. Just saying.  I'm definitely meant to spend 99.9% of my time living and working in the outdoors.

I miss being outside. That's why I love homeI can spend all of my time outside with my horses and my dog, Scout.

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