Monday, November 22, 2010

Snow Day!

Guess what?!?! It's snowing outside! I'm super excited for the snow because that means I will be able to ski soon & I'm also super excited because I only have one class tomorrow and then I get to go home for Thanksgiving! But, admittedly I'm a little nervous because the roads don't look fun to drive on. And since it's a rather long drive on potentially rather poor road conditions I'm a little nervous.  At least my truck has 4-wheel drive...

So I'm sitting here at 7:30am. Posting on my blog.

Watching the snow fall from the sky. And it's really beautiful. And wet.

Do you know what awesome things I did this weekend?

 Well not a lot. But I did complete a 10 page (!) research paper with my partner Shawna. We are totally awesome like that!  And it was her birthday on Saturday so I made her a flower hair clip. And a cheesy card. With a horse on it.  =)

I also managed to start working on my economics "stuff."  Aka things I need to know for my test tomorrow morning before I leave.  (I should make sure to get to bed extra early tonight!) Hopefully it shouldn't be too bad.  I have a lot to do today though besides studying for it.  Like finishing a presentation PowerPoint for my wildland behavior class. It'll be a cool slideshow because I am usually all of my own pictures. Why not? After all our management issue is horse and packstock impact in the Eagle Cap Wilderness. And since that's where I live and work it would only make logical sense.

Oh and I think I totally look cute today. Grey snow boots, skinny jeans, cute sweater and awesome purple scarf. Yup. Good clothing day.  Possibly a good hair day too.

Well, I do believe this is all I have to write at the moment. So I'm going to finish my chocolate milk now. The breakfast of champions. (JK. But really...)

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