Thursday, November 11, 2010

Branded and Bowling

Today in my English class we talked about branding.
Not like cattle branding... but advertising branding.

And guess what I discovered.  Apple... you have branded me.  Something about seeing that little apple light up seems to make me happy. Silly I know! But it is true.

Macbook Pro         

But I love it. I wouldn't want anything else. Confession: I don't actually have an iPhone, but they look awesome. Verizon, you should hurry about and get the iPhone.  Thanks.

Any who...

Not much else happened today. I ripped my fingernail off while bowling. Talent, I know! But bowling is awesome. Especially when it's one of your classes!

Wish it would get warm. (Hooray for going to the southern hemisphere shortly!)

By the way, I have a brain freeze. But that's from ice-cream. Not the cold weather.

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